Automatic Entrance Doors

Automatic doors are the ideal solution to access into and around a building.


A powered door opening and closing system either manually controlled automatically operated by

sensors is the most satisfactory solution for most people.


Automatic doors provide a means of opening and closing doors without the need for physical effort.

For many people who lack physical ability or who are encumbered by bags containing text books or

sports equipment, heavy manual doors can be a barrier to access. Automatic doors remove that



Sliding doors with powered operation are an excellent access solution and ideal in areas with heavy

traffic. They can be used internally or externally as single or bi-parting doors and can be linked to an

access control system if you wish to restrict entry to authorized personnel only.


Automatic swing doors are ideal for both new doors or can even be retro fitted to existing doors and

are suitable for both internal and external use.


Door operators are available as low energy types in areas of low traffic or where the normal

operation of the door is manual push/pull operation. Low energy operators allow automatic

operation of the door by those who need assistance. This can either be done by use of a push pad or

by people who require assistance opening the door can be provided with a remote control if



Existing commercial aluminium doors can easily be converted to automatic operation

Automatic Doors are becoming more popular as entrance solutions to commercial buildings. Not

only do they enhance any entrance screen, they are also helpful in allowing easy entry for the

disabled. Whatever your door, be it sliding, swing, folding or stacking, there is an automation

solution available for it, for both new and retrofit applications.


Automatic Doors need not be complicated.


With the provision of operators and accessories for automatic doors from leading brands such as

Geze, Global, Record, and others, Aluminium Doors are an excellent choice .