Roller Shutter Doors

DP Doors & Shutters Ltd’s high specification Roller Shutter Doors are designed to give clear, full width and height access through both external and internal openings. Roller shutter doors are manufactured to suit the customers requirement and can be made to suit openings up to 12mtrs high and 15mtrs wide.

Roller Shutter Doors are designed to be face fixed each side of the clear opening but where space restrictions exist, the shutter guides can be fitted within the clear opening, this will however affect the finished opening height.

Door curtains are constructed from a number of single skin 75mm deep cold rolled curly section steel laths, fitted horizontally and all interlocked by a quirk section allowing the finished curtain to ‘roll’ around a steel barrel fixed above the clear opening. The gauge (thickness) of each lath is selected to suite to the door width and wind loading.

Nylon or Steel Retainers (end locks) are fixed to alternate laths preventing individual laths from sliding across. A rigid bottom rail provides strength and is formed from steel strip ‘T’ section, angle or box section as necessary, for minimum lateral deflection.

The curtain runs in vertical guides made from heavy gauge, galvanised ‘U’ section steel. The steel roller barrel at high level, accommodates the rolled up curtain when the door is in the open position.

The guides are fixed by fasteners a to heavy duty steel angle section, itself mounted to the formed opening which can be steel, brick, concrete and even timber.

Traditionally, Roller shutter doors operated with the assistance of tempered helical spring(s) fixed within the barrel. The sprung and therefore balanced barrel enables the curtain to be opened manually without resistance, by haul chain. If an electrically operated shutter was required, the barrel would still remain sprung and a light duty motor would replace the chain mechanism. In this case the springs would still do the work so to speak with little or no resistance given to the motor. Whilst we can still offer sprung barrels, the tendency now (for electrically operated shutters) is to provide a Direct Drive alternative where the springs are removed and the barrel and curtain are wound by a more powerful motor.

All our motorized shutters (with the exception of window shutters) are now supplied with a safety brake to arrest the shutter from rapid descent due to component failure.

The roller barrel is mounted horizontally between end plates fixed at high level at each end of the shutter. Fixed to each endplate is a roller bearing which accommodates a bright steel shaft which is in turn fixed to each end of the roller barrel.

Operation can be manual via continuous chain, push up / pull down (maximum size of shutter 2500 x 2500), Cord/Rod, or electrical via appropriate single (tube style) or 3 phase direct drive motor with push button control and emergency cut-off with hand operation facility.

Automatic activation can be by electronic control mechanisms such as overhead Movement detectors, Remote fob transmitters, Pull switches and floor mounted Induction Loops.

Where doors close automatically either after a timed delay or a remote signal, safety features must be added. These are usually electronic contact strips along the underside of the bottom rail and horizontally mounted photo cell light beams.

All our steel roller shutter doors can be supplied with a hot dipped galvanised finish as standard but can also be supplied with a Powder coat Finish to a standard RAL or BS colour.

Optional extras to the roller shutter are a pass door, (wicket gate) Canopy (usually supplied to shutters mounted externally), Brush strip weather seal at high level and extruded rubber seals to the underside of the bottom rail.

Large Roller Shutter Doors are not designed for personnel use and small personnel doors at the side of the Roller Shutter are strongly recommended.

DP Doors and Shutters strongly advise that all electrically operated shutters be serviced at least twice a year with records kept.

Experienced sales engineers are available to discuss your requirements and carry out a full site survey prior to submitting a competitive quotation for supply only, or supply and installation, utilising our trained installers with full nationwide coverage.

Composition & Manufacture

Door curtain assembled from 75mm deep, curved face, interlocking laths, formed from cold rolled, pre-galvanised steel, gauge to suit application.

Vertical guides manufactured from at least 3mm thick galvanised steel ‘U’ section. Captive section available for exposed situations.

Roller barrel manufactured from mild steel tube.

Size & Weight

Bespoke manufacture to customer’s specification. Maximum height 12000mm, maximum width 15000mm. Please note however that as the shutter becomes wider so the height reduces and conversely, as the shutter increases in height, the width reduces.


Laths – standard galvanised finish. Optional finishes: Curtain Laths Plastisol coated in most HP 200 colours; powder coated in range of colours.

All other components including guides, guide angles and bottom rail can only be powder coated.


Full service from advice to site survey, manufacture, delivery and installation.


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