Commercial & Industrial Door Repairs & Maintenance

We are delighted to tell you that DP Doors & Shutters Ltd has been awarded the coveted Door & Hardware Federation Quality Mark for repair and maintenance of metal doors and shutters.

It means we have successfully demonstrated our ability to provide high quality repair and maintenance of industrial and commercial doors following rigorous checks carried out by the DHF

The scheme was introduced by the DHF to significantly raise standards throughout the industry. You may have read about it already in the trade press. The DHF was concerned about the widespread ignorance amongst building owners and occupiers, facilities and maintenance managers about their legal obligations to keep their doors and shutters in good working order.

In fact, operators of industrial premises are risking substantial losses and could be breaking the law because they do not have preventative maintenance programmes in place to protect their doors and shutter. As awareness grows for the need for regular maintenance, companies like yours will be looking for door repair and service providers that hold the DHF Quality Mark such as ourselves.

As a holder of the DHF Quality Mark for the Maintenance of Doors and Shutters we will:

  • Demonstrate our experience in repair and maintenance.
  • Have a fully documented quality management system in place.
  • Offer levels of training compliant with CSCS card qualification or have NVQ training procedures in place.
  • Keep repair and maintenance records for a minimum of seven years.
  • Offer high levels of maintenance which include maintenance contracts, 24 hour answering service and an emergency call out service that provides onsite visits within four hours of an emergency call.
  • Demonstrate full compliance with DHF Repair and Service Approved Standard TS004.