Industrial PVC Strip Curtains

Industrial PVC Strip Curtain Installs, UK

DP Doors & Shutters Ltd’s high specification PVC Strip Curtains are designed for heavy duty internal and external use.

Whether you wish to keep heat in or out, Strip Curtains will make a difference to your heating, air conditioning or refrigeration costs. Strip Curtains save energy by, for example, retaining heated air in a building or retaining chilled air in a cold store. When installed behind an external door, the savings are even greater due to the double glazed effect when the door is closed. PVC Strip Curtains can also be used to protect against dust, fumes, spray, pests and noise.

PVC Strip Curtains are the safe solution for entrances with constant pedestrian and motor traffic, as they are fully transparent for maximum visibility. The PVC strips are available in a choice of grades depending on application, from internal pedestrian doorways to heavy duty external vehicular entrances. Polar grade is specifically for use in freezer and low temperature storage areas.

PVC Strip Curtains can be provided with a static or sliding hanging system. The static system uses either stainless or galvanised steel suspension rails which can be soffit or face fixed. This allows for the easy replacement of strips and provides for a single or double overlap as required.

The sliding hanging system uses a rolled steel galvanised track complete with sliding gear and hangers, suitable for all size doorways. The track can be mounted under lintel or face fixed.

Sliding hanging Strip Curtains can be automated via electric operation, facilitating unrestricted traffic flow without the risk of damage to curtains or loads, increasing safety via enhanced visibility and reducing maintenance and repair costs. Curtains can be activated by various types of electronic control mechanisms, such as photo-electric cells, microwave radar, radio and induction loops. An adjustable timer is available for controlling the duration of opening. Partial opening, integral limit switches and operator control programmes are also options.


Three standard PVC strip sizes available:

  • 200mm wide x 2mm thick – for small internal openings and pedestrian access
  • 300mm wide x 3mm thick – for normal use and light industrial traffic
  • 400mm wide x 4mm thick – with greater wind resistance for heavy traffic use and external applications

Other widths and thicknesses of PVC strip can be supplied, dependant on application and quantity

Virtually any size of doorway can be fitted, up to a maximum height of 9000mm


Standard strips are clear and transparent
Visual markers – red or orange strips
Welding bay curtains – green or bronze strips
Freezer storage areas – Polar grade clear PVC


Full service from advice to site survey, manufacture, delivery and installation. Any additional support steelwork can be designed and fabricated by us in our own purpose built workshop.


Sales Department

Experienced sales engineers are available to discuss your requirements and carry out a full site survey prior to submitting a competitive quotation for supply only, or supply and installation, utilising our trained installers with full nationwide coverage.