Smoke & Fire Curtains

Our Fire Curtain is a compact fully automatic motorised roller system with a high temperature stainless steel reinforced curtain, tested up to 1000°c, concealed in a strong steel casing above the doorway or opening. It remains hidden but ready to work – in the event of a fire. It is easy for a competent person to install and the first and only ‘plug and play’ system.

The Fire Curtain can be either a main alarm controlled or a standalone Fire Curtain safety system, replacing traditional fire doors in corridors, lobbies or ‘compartments’. The system only deploys in the event of a fire, total power or system failure (as required by regulation) or manual activation. The system specification must be approved by an authorised person ie Building Control.


Emergency Retract*

  • Touch-switch, push-switch, pressure mat or motion sensor
  • Emergency retract works for 20 cycles during 2 hours
  • *Emergency Retract buttons are not supplied as standard. Please ensure you
    check with the appropriate authority if emergency retract is required.

Two-message voice warning device

  • Message 1 – Curtain descending
  • Message 2 – Curtain obstruction

Light beacon

Red Light – Flashing (not strobe) to indicate that the unit is operating.

Bump Stop (on bottom bar): A pressure sensitive strip on the bottom bar
that senses the obstruction, causing the curtain to retract, pause, play the
obstruction message, then descend again. This sequence is repeated three
times in a row before finally descending regardless of obstruction.

Obstruction Beam: If an object is blocking the curtain, then after 10
seconds the voice warning device activates. This is a warning device only. The
curtain will descend in the event of activation.

Fire Alarm input: The system is activated from main system or heat, smoke or
thermal fuse alarm inputs. Detectors can be wired in series to extend cover.

Design Specification

Headbox: Back 190mm (h/b)
Front 137 mm (h/f)
Depth 150mm (d)
Side Guides: Width 55mm (w)
Depth 85mm (d)
Opening 30mm (o)

The design caters for a standard range of opening sizes from 900mm x 2000mm to 2500mm x 2300mm. Special sizes can be accommodated up to a maximum size of 3000mm x 3000mm.

The descent speed is factory set to between 0.06 m/s to 0.15 m/s to comply with BS PAS 121:2007 (5.3a).

The system is designed as ‘plug and play’. This means that all ancillary equipment is provided with a labeled plug that plugs into a corresponding labeled socket.

The system contains it’s own dedicated, self-monitoring battery back-up & emergency power system.

This system comes with an aesthetically stylish mini control panel as standard. Only the battery and control fuses are on the main control box.

  • Mandatory Safety Functions
  • Total Power Failure Gravity Fail Safe
  • Total Wiring Corruption Gravity Fail Safe
  • Total Control Equipment Gravity Fail Safe
  • Safe Controlled Operating Speeds