Planned Maintenance

It is now a legal requirement in accordance with the Machinery Directive, European Standard EN12341 to 1:2003, that all power operated and automatic doors must be subject to a controlled, regular maintenance and service procedure with emphasis on the safety features such as bottom safe edges and safety beams.

When we undertake a maintenance contract, our initial task is to identify each door with a mutually agreed name and number. We then survey each door in order to compile a data and information sheet for both your and our records.

After completing an initial survey we will always ask for a site plan, ideally in PDF form. We will amend the plan to show the position  and mutually agreed ID name or number of each door.

The site plans will be laminated by us with copies given to our engineers, our repairs team, yourselves and even the security engineers in your Gate House.

All designed to ensure the smooth execution of your callout so we have the right engineer attending the right door with the minimum lost time.

Photographs of every door will be taken together with all relevant details such as door type, width, height and method of operation, all stored on our in-house CRM system.

The data sheet will confirm the size and type of door together with all other details showing the method of operation, the make, the size and position of all electrical components. All this together with any other vital information which will assist us in a speedy return to operation should the door become inoperable.

Part of our maintenance contract with you will be to ensure a rapid response to any down time on site incurred due to impact damage or system failure. Our aim is to be on site the same day as call out with the door back in operation same day*.

We include within our costing for the provision of a printed maintenance manual providing a record of all visits and all work done to each door.

All and any work carried out will be date recorded together with the name of the fitter and details of actual work carried out together with the details of all parts fitted.

(*parts permitting)