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Industrial Roller Shutter Doors: Top Security & Smooth Operation for Your Business (UK)

Looking for high-quality, secure industrial roller shutter doors in Sheffield and the UK?

DP Doors and Shutters is your one-stop shop for all your industrial door needs. We are a leading supplier and installer of industrial roller shutter doors, serving businesses throughout the UK for over 25 years.

Why Choose DP Doors and Shutters for Your Industrial Roller Shutter Doors?

Unmatched Security: Our robust steel roller shutter doors provide exceptional protection against break-ins and vandalism, giving you peace of mind.

Smooth Operation: Experience effortless operation with our high-quality motors and mechanisms.

Durability: Our doors are built to last, using only the best materials and construction techniques.

Fire Safety Options: We offer fire-rated roller shutter doors to meet stringent safety regulations.

Insulated Options: Maintain optimal temperature control within your building with our insulated roller shutter doors.

Free Site Survey: Our experts will assess your needs and recommend the perfect roller shutter door solution for your business.

Expert Installation and Maintenance: Our qualified engineers ensure a smooth installation and provide ongoing maintenance services.

We offer a wide range of industrial roller shutter doors to suit your specific needs, including:


Single Skin Roller Shutters: Cost-effective option for securing entrances and perimeters.

Fire Shutters & Curtains: Comply with fire safety regulations and create fire breaks within your building.

High-Speed Action Doors: Minimise heat loss and improve efficiency in fast-paced environments.

Sectional Overhead Doors: Provide excellent insulation and weatherproofing.

Located in Sheffield, we cover all of Buckinghamshire and the wider UK.  Contact us today for a free quote on your new industrial roller shutter doors!


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dp Doors & Shutters Ltd supplies, installs, maintains and repairs a range of industrial doors, security shutters and grilles. Its collection of doors includes insulated sectional overhead, single-skin, fire and insulated roller shutters, steel hinged personnel doors, fire doors and high speed action doors. Before work begins, a full site survey is carried out at no extra cost.

Based in Sheffield, dp Doors & Shutters operates from an 15,000 ft2 factory and supplies and installs a wide range of industrial doors, shutters and grilles across the UK.

Clients range from high street shops to international airports and blue chip manufacturing companies.

We offer the following products and more:

Roller shutter doors, roller shutter door, fire curtains, fire shutters, high speed doors, insulated door, pvc strip curtains, steel personnel door and dock levellers. 

Repairs & Callouts

We are delighted to tell you that DP Doors & Shutters Ltd has been awarded the coveted Door & Hardware Federation Quality Mark for repair and maintenance of metal doors and shutters.

Health & Safety

At DP Doors & Shutters we employ our own Health and Safety consultant. Their role is to liaise with customers to confirm their requirements for on site working and to ensure that our own engineers are trained and equipped to meet all relevant H&S standards and safe systems of work.

Service & Planned Maintenance, UK

It is now a legal requirement in accordance with the Machinery Directive, European Standard EN12341 to 1:2003, that all power operated and automatic doors must be subject to a controlled, regular maintenance and service procedure with emphasis on the safety features such as bottom safe edges and safety beams.

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