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Fire Curtains - An Essential Fire Prevention Feature

There are plenty of different safety features in the modern commercial building. It’s important to recognise all of these features and successfully implement them into your existing set-up if you want the best results.

For that reason, you should think about implementing fire curtains. Your business does need them, and they do serve a valuable role, so it’s important to look at what they can do for you.

Preventing Developments of Fires

The first reason why you need access to fire curtains is that they help to prevent the development of a fire.

By introducing fire curtains into the modern office building, you help to stop the development of a fire from taking place. The fire needs resources to burn, which is why cutting it off from the rest of the building can stop it from developing.

Preventing the Spread 

The second thing that fire curtains do is prevent the spread of fire. The reason why a fire can be so devastating to a commercial building is because fire spreads quickly. The fire spreads through the building, destroying everything that comes into contact with it.

Fire curtains help to prevent this by blocking off the spread of the fire. You can contain the fire, and keep it a single place where eventually, it will die down, and you make it much easier to allow the fire crews to put it out.

Creating Escape Routes

In the event of a fire, it’s important to have an escape route. However, what do you do if your escape route has been blocked by the fire? In a crisis situation, having to find another way out could be very dangerous. Therefore, using a fire curtain to allow easy access to a fire escape can help to save lives and get everybody out quickly.

Final Thoughts

So, fire curtains are a useful tool for anybody who is trying to implement the proper safety measures into the building. If I can be a very dangerous thing, and without the proper support, it’s very normal for people to be trapped or exposed to serious injury or death. Therefore, fire curtains serve as a good way of not only containing fire, but stopping it from spreading, and allowing you the opportunity to successfully protect yourself and others. Plus, fire curtains are lightweight enough that they can be installed in any location.

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dp Doors & Shutters Ltd supplies, installs, maintains and repairs a range of industrial doors, security shutters and grilles. Its collection of doors includes insulated sectional overhead, single-skin, fire and insulated roller shutters, steel hinged personnel doors, fire doors and high speed action doors. Before work begins, a full site survey is carried out at no extra cost.

Based in Sheffield, dp Doors & Shutters operates from an 15,000 ft2 factory and supplies and installs a wide range of industrial doors, shutters and grilles across the UK.

Clients range from high street shops to international airports and blue chip manufacturing companies.

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We are delighted to tell you that DP Doors & Shutters Ltd has been awarded the coveted Door & Hardware Federation Quality Mark for repair and maintenance of metal doors and shutters.

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At DP Doors & Shutters we employ our own Health and Safety consultant. Their role is to liaise with customers to confirm their requirements for on site working and to ensure that our own engineers are trained and equipped to meet all relevant H&S standards and safe systems of work.

Service & Planned Maintenance, UK

It is now a legal requirement in accordance with the Machinery Directive, European Standard EN12341 to 1:2003, that all power operated and automatic doors must be subject to a controlled, regular maintenance and service procedure with emphasis on the safety features such as bottom safe edges and safety beams.

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